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We at Digitech are pioneers in drafting and distributing Best Press Release Services in Delhi and all over India. If you’re looking to inform the public about your business products or services, you can approach us for any of your press release requirements.
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As a free public relations tool,

press releases benefit both startups and small businesses. With press releases, we publicize upcoming events, and other important information, for our customers.

The reasons for using press releases are manifold. New product launches, special events, and grand openings, are some purposes for issuing press releases.

As the Top PR Company in Delhi NCR, We know Press releases play an important role in product recalls, too. By informing consumers about important details, public releases help in avoiding internal crises. For instance, press releases come handy in releasing information about security breaches. They also explain the sequence of events leading to the misadventures, and the measures needed to ensure no repeat of such mishaps.

Among the traditional means of releasing public releases are television stations, radios, and newspapers. However, online options for press releases are gaining popularity nowadays as well.

With more and more people jumping on the social media bandwagon in today’s tech-driven times, companies have additional online publishing options while using social media as a PR and marketing tool. Online self-publishing is a feasible option, now.

Our Press Release Services

We are one of the Leading PR Company in Delhi NCR and our press release services allow you to connect with a wide audience via a small investment.

Using press releases, we can help draw the public’s attention to new product lines and vital company info.

To pique the interest of the public in a press release, we use attractive headlines, concise words, factual information, and clear presentation.

We post press releases on your business website, and promote them through social media channels or via an online press release distribution service, for our clients to directly communicate with a large audience and target groups.

As a Best PR Company in Delhi NCR, we also use keywords and SEO tools for increasing the possibility of our clients’ press releases appearing on the search engine results pages.

Our tie-ups with media outlets allow for your brand messages to spread out more. We understand that press releases are not advertisements. Press releases have more credibility than advertisements among the public. Keeping in mind the credibility of press releases, we use them to counter the negative perceptions about your company, staff members, and products.

Our press release distribution services in Delhi and all over India are also equipped to transmit press releases to a host of news and information websites within minutes. For communicating effectively via press releases, we proofread them thoroughly and add pertinent information before submission.

Our press releases include varied components in the right balance to dole out the desired results.

Efficient management and delivery of press releases make all the difference in making press releases strike the right chord with your audience. We at Digitech work to give your press release that differential factor and help in expanding your business.

We have streamlined our top press release services in Delhi and all over India to simplify the processes of accessing and publishing press releases, as well.

Using our press release publishing and distribution service, our clients can be assured of getting listed on Google News and other news engines too. We focus our efforts on increasing the chances of your press releases being picked up by the popular search engines (like MSN, Google, and Yahoo), also.

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Social Media and Press Releases

With social media becoming an indispensable tool for small-sized and large-scale companies, press releases have gained importance for promoting businesses.

As the Top PR Agency in Delhi, We know that social media has a crucial part in catering to the public relations and marketing needs of companies. Social media is also increasingly being preferred over conventional mediums of promotion and communication. Social media marketing and public relations have now become synonymous terms.

Many businesses are leveraging the power of public relations and social media marketing to raise brand awareness and run their marketing campaigns. Nowadays, because of social media, press releases are:

  • SEO tools that help to increase awareness about businesses among clients, investors, prospective employees, and other important groups on online platforms.
  • Perpetual company records that are easily searchable and accessible.
  • Direct communication tools for delivering unedited messages to the public.

Why you need Best PR Agency in Delhi & How you can benefit from our press release services?

Here are the various ways that we use press releases for promoting your business.
Announce a new product or service

For launching a new product or service, we draft press releases and use a press release distribution service, to get your news out on all popular search engines and social media platforms.

Enhance your brand image

To improve your brand image, we rely on public releases. Press releases are easy to publish and distribute, in today’s times. We can now send out several press releases for meeting your brand makeover goals.

Make your news interesting

Modern press releases can contain multimedia such as images and videos. We have more options of conveying news stories and messages in interesting ways to your target audience so.

Facilitate prompt worldwide distribution

With online press releases, we can distribute press releases to several people and organizations around the world promptly using social media and email. Gone are the days when press releases had to be sent to journalists, who worked as gatekeepers and distributed them only if they found them fit.

Increase public awareness

We add links to other web pages within press releases to give out more information about your offerings.

Raise viral probabilities

We help in making your press releases go viral by encouraging people to share them over their social media handles. All this helps to popularize your company’s products and services within a short span.

Improve accessibility

We work to make online press releases accessible on all devices, so they reach out to more people.


We use keywords that relate to your business and optimize press releases for more people to obtain information about your company via social engines.

As a branding and Best PR Agency in Delhi, we help you to gain maximum mileage from your investment in press releases. Contact us to know more about how to promote your company via our leading press release services in Delhi NCR. Be assured that we draft fresh, effective press releases to help you attain your business expansion goals.